Women Power & Fashion

The one thing I have learnt during my years working with fashion designer is, most women are really very clueless!
Oh, they know the latest trends and the kind of dress they want, the fabric the colour right down to the shade of the sequins.
However, most of them are happily unaware of the most integral detail: their body shape.

I have spent endless hours explaining to brides-to-be and clients why their dream outfit is just wrong for their body.
While some will say, “I am thin. I can carry off anything!” the others will say, “But this looked great on Kareena Kapoor and my body is similar to hers!”
Yes, you are thin, and yes, you have a “similar” body to a Bollywood actress, but that alone is not enough to decide if a specific outfit is apt for your body shape or not.

Our bodies have a specific structure that can largely be broken down into four basic shapes: Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass.
Each shape has a certain set of characteristics that differentiates it from the other. (Keep in mind-body shape is not the same as body size. Body size is an individual’s body measurement. So today we are going to talk about a Mother who is an inspiring model too…

Mothers can do and be anything. Women are equally capable of doing their work and having and taking care of children. The children might have opportunities to see different places, learn art and culture, and meet a variety of people. Everything is possible when love is available & parents are successful.

It’s Okay, to be what is appropriate for a woman based on her having a child or children. A woman is not just a mother. She is also an individual. There are also different kinds of “modelling.” She always will avoid any kind of modelling that might show up publicly and embarrass her children later, at any age. If the modelling is tasteful, a job, her dream job, or it makes her feel beautiful, why not? Why deny a woman the privilege of wanting to model just because she gave birth? She has to want to model and consider who will see the results later and has to be the one comfortable with it. Fashion is fashion no matter who wears it & how… A fashion always gets modified according to the way you carry it.

Here are some beautiful styles by my beautiful, Gorgeous & Amazing Model also a mother of 2 children Ramneet Kaur On Styling. I want to thank Her for making this blog possible. CHEERS

Who is the hottest girl in the world? 🔥 Desi Girl!! A Saree always gives you Hot & beautiful look women or a girl always desire for!! So that our model is wearing ‘A Grey Saree with designer blouse’
Black is always on every girl mind. But what makes you look better when you opt something different in black. Net sleeves & neck one-piece dress with leopard print heels are breathtaking
Party mood? Thinking about a dress? Here you can opt for a white floral printed wrap-around dress which can make you the party ready!! Try it now… Don’t forget to Grab stilettos rather than flats.
The grace on the face comes with a beautiful view also when you wear something beautiful too… The Sea look with Mustard Color dress with Pink heels can make your day ravishing. Don’t forget to give killer smile with different pose 🔥☺️

What do you want to know more about her & Fashion? Leave a comment below & let us know. Keep sharing, Following & supporting.

Model: Ramneet Kaur

Blog by: Aryan

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