Be The Free Bird

While fashion may not be always in mind for most of us during this pandemic time, Our find focusing on the lighter things–like what she going to wear each day, to be a getaway from the new reality of today’s life. One thing that always gets us through the day, especially a long workday, is wearing something we feel great in. Not only does great outfits have a way of bringing us smile and inspiration, but I’ve seen firsthand how fashion can instantly change one’s mood. So today I wanted to share a go-to work from home outfits, in hopes of giving a positive attitude to you & put something on that makes you look and feel amazing!

As someone who’s been working for over many years now, I find that getting dressed in itself is often the best way to boost someone’s mood. Even if girls not dressed-up, Girls still enjoy putting something on that brings them joy, especially when they are in the house for long periods of time.

But When it comes to work-from-home looks, the key for me personally is comfort without sacrificing style, which usually means a different attires every day.

Most of us confined to our living spaces, struggles with body confidence are at an all-time high. In the middle of a pandemic, getting to the gym isn’t an option, and working out from home is not our working girl cup of tea. And thanks to stress and anxiety that often trigger sometimes difficult thoughts and disordered behaviours around food and eating, most of us are really struggling right now. So fashion is a getaway for every girl our there.

Here are some beautiful styles by my beautiful, Gorgeous & Amazing Model also An Actress Friend Deepti Sharma On Styling. I want to thank Her for making this blog possible. CHEERS

Black is always the look maker, The summer is getting over so time to get dressed is something hot. Grab a black one-piece dress with white strips to make your look stunning. Pick up some STILETTO HEEL to give a look.
It’s a mid of summer & rain how can we forget the floral dress.? What’s better than a blue floral dress with a pair of brown boots. A go for it for party one.
Love to wear plain? Grey is one of the 50 shades of grey!! Lol!! Grab a grey dress for coming season to make your look ravishing.
Be comfy!! Be you!! A Denim jogger with a crop top is the most comfortable look you can ever get. Grab the couch with popcorn with these pair.

What do you want to know more about her & Fashion? Leave a comment below & let us know. Keep sharing, Following & supporting.

Blog by : Aryan

Model: Deepti Sharma

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